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  • Alloygators

    Has anyone fitted Alloygators to their wheels? I'm thinking about it but at £115 they are quite dear but look good and save your alloys on kerb bumps.

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    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum!

    Given the difficulty you've had getting on, I'll re-post this to Facebook now for you to get it more attention!


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      Thanks very much.👍🏼


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        Yes, welcome to the forum Dan!

        Alloygaitors seem to get mixed reviews! Earlier MG3 tyres actually had rim-protection built into the tyre wall, but the latest versions of the tyre seem to have dropped this feature (as well as the speed rating!).

        If it's for styling purposes, then I would argue it's entirely upto your preference whether they're worth the money!

        If it's for protection, I have seen some people complain about fitting difficulties and even some popping off. Do they protect? Yes, I would say so, but if cost is a factor, it might be worth checking at tyre renewal time, for something built in?

        Just my own 2p, others may have other views


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          Thanks for the input. It had new tyres just before I bought it so it'll be ages before it needs any more. We have an Alloygators dealer/approved garage near us so if anything falls off at least I can take it back. I do have other plans to make It more unique but I've decided (read sensible/forceful advice from Dad) to put them all on hold until I pass my test.


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            Sensible advice - love it!