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Problems Experience by MG3 Owners

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  • Problems Experience by MG3 Owners

    I've had a few people message me recently with some issues they've started to get with their MG3's.

    Now this isn't intended to be a 'lets bash the MG3' thread, because the Internet and forums like this will always be full of experienced faults. Afterall, how much can people write about everything working perfectly?

    That said, cars are mechanical beings and there's a lot to be said for the collation of information, with a view to help those in need. For those who are considering buying an MG3, please don't view this as anything other than it's intended!

    If people are willing to contribute here, I'll keep a master list for future reference, available via this first post!

    A quick starter for ten...

    Warranty Issues

    Door Seals

    The door seal is a two-stage piece, outter and inner. The outer seal, certainly on earlier models, has been known to let water in, leaving it to pool between the two seals. Although water doesn't leak into the car, this pooling has no-where to go, but obey gravity, when the doors are opened. There is no official fix, but some have made minor modifications to their own seals, to address the issue.

    Airbag Warning Lights

    Some people have reported an intermittent warning light appearing for the air-bag.

    Official Fix : A tube of special contact paste is used on the connectors below the seats.

    Surface Corrosion (Roof)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	roof-rust.jpg
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    Driver Seat Leather Peel

    Click image for larger version

Name:	seat-peel1.jpg
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Name:	seat-peel3.jpg
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Name:	sear-peel2.jpg
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    Squeaks from Pedalbox / Area

    Diagnosed by one dealer as being Auxillary Belt related.


    Left Hand Drive Door Mirrors

    Parking Sensors Constant in Heavy Rain

    MG & Dealer Issues

    Making Warranty Claims

    MG seem to be being quite particular about how they accept warranty claims, requesting as far as visual and audio evidence before acting, depending on the claim.

    Few Warranty Staff

    It seems that when one (unknown) person takes a holiday at MG, warranty claims go on hold for the duration.

    Inconsistent Servicing Pricing

    Despite there being an official MG pricing schedule and an up-front servicing scheme, dealers are varying considerably in prices for the first service.
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    With thanks to Chris, via our Facebook page, I've added some pictures and updates based on his issues.