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USB key issues

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  • USB key issues

    My Nokia Lumia 920 works fine on Bluetooth and plays music with no issues via Bluetooth. However I put a USB key in the slot on th edash and it seems to stop playing after a while. It was fine in the MG6. I also can't see a way to see the album list like in the 6, but I suppose I should RTFM and find out if the USB drive needs setting up in any specific way.

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    My USB drive works OK, but it is limited to MP3 format, it seems to e ignoring my '.trac' files.

    Sadly of the hundred or so songs on there, only 4 are .mp3 format, so it gets a bit recycled after a while.

    I've managed to connect the phone via bluetooth, but the voice on the navigation wouldn't transmit over the stereo system, although the phone thought it as connected to a bluetooth hands free.


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      My Nokia Maps sat-nav did work fine over the Bluetooth, but I suspect most of my files are probably mp4 format or else it's because they are stored in folders per the album name as they are on the computer.
      Also I noticed the phone won't charge from the USB socket on the dash but I don't think it does either on the 6. If you have the docking station I thought it would just take power from the USB but it looks like it will need to be plugged into the lighter socket on the console. Speaking of which I had a WRS blingy lighter from Halfords which I bought cheap but it doesn't fit the socket Not that I use a car lighter but just thought it would look better than the plastic plug.


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        Still waiting the arrival of my phone dock, but my USB player seems to take power?


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          I have just emailed our dealer to chase up on our docking station, was yours not delivered with the car either?


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            It was a late part of the order, so should arrive in the post


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              Anyone tried using a USB hub to increase the number of ports?


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                Since USB uses less power that 12v car battery, I would suggest the battery could handle a hub. However I would also suggest you would need a powered hub (with external power from the Cigar Lighter socket).

                If you are then expecting your head unit to pick up more than one USB stick, that would 100% depend on the software on the unit and since there are multiple units available for the 3, you would have to test that functionality - I do have a powered USB hub if anyone has a 3 they want to lend me lol


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                  I must admit that since my last post (2013!) I've had my 'dock' in the form of a universal holder... for which there is a separate thread.

                  However, if the intent is just for charge, then I'd suggest the 12v socked in the centre console may be better to expand than the USB port on the dash.