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Chinese aftermarket parts & twin exhaust!

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  • Chinese aftermarket parts & twin exhaust!

    Hi All,

    I've seen this set of aftermarket bodykit parts for the Chinese version of the MG3. I'm guessing the front splitter won't fit, but the rest of the kit will.

    I don't think there's much call for the sideskirts in the UK, but I do like that rear diffuser with the twin-exhaust exit!

    Does anyone know if this will fit and whether it's realistic to put twin exhausts on the UK MG3?
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    Are you planning on twin pipes? The standard one will be quite restricted and a larger exhaust might help it breathe. I am having the 6's exhaust done this month and the exhaust specialist was quite surprised at how small a diametre it was.


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      I thought that sometimes the back pressure is needed for the power curve, however I have no personal plans to do so right now. It might look good to have a matching pair, but I think there are better routes for my finances, having just splashed out on a new car!


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        Do you know the diameter of the exhaust on the MG3 as i am having one made but need to order a universal sports cat?


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          I assume between the mid section and the cat? Not taken mine apart to measure it, but I'll see what I can find out?


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            According to our Facebook friends... 4.5cm or 1.75"!